Our Honeymoon is in The Knot!

I have been a total slacker with this blog. I have full intention of putting together a round up of all our amazing vendors and our fantastic experience at Linekin Bay Resort, but time has not been on my side (silly day job!)

I stopped by to make a quick post to brag a little… because The Knot chose our (awesome) honeymoon to grace the last page of their magazine this month!  We are so excited and so happy to be able to share what was an absolutely amazing trip with so many people.




In the meantime, if any of you wedding planners have ANY questions for me or if we can refer any vendors or venues, please let us know!


One thought on “Our Honeymoon is in The Knot!

  1. Hi!! Thanks so much for all the helpful info in this blog, and congratulations on your marriage! We’re considering having our wedding at Linekin Bay, and I’d love to hear all about your experience, what you loved/wish you had known sooner, and any vendors you used that you would recommend!

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