And the winner is…

Linekin Bay Resort!

Panoramic view of the property from the dock at low tide (click to see the zoomed in version)

Mike and I just got back from a quick weekend trip back to Maine, where we sampled a few dessert options in Portland before driving up (down?) to Boothbay Harbor to see Linekin Bay Resort one more time.  We wanted to see the rest of the accommodations and taste the food. We also spoke to Mark, the coordinator, and he answered a lot of our questions about the contract and specifics.

When we arrived on Saturday, there was a wedding going on, so we peeked in before they started and then late at night during the party.  The one thing that really struck me was how much FUN everyone seemed to be having at the wedding. It was such a relaxed atmosphere with people hanging out on the porch, around the pool, and dancing in the lodge.  Here are some pictures of the site, main lodge (where the dinner will be), and west lodge (where the party and dancing will be). Note: this was decorated for a “yachting theme” by the bride there, so many of their decorations would not be there, such as the flags:

Originally, we were put up in a room at Linekin that was concerning. It was a super small room with 2 twin beds in it.  It had a beautiful view of the water, but we had major concerns that the rooms we saw the first time were the 2 best and the rest of the rooms were all teeny tiny.  Thankfully, our concerns were assuaged when we talked to Mark. There are 4 rooms like that, but most have a king bed unless they are partnered with another room and are meant for children to stay in.  Frankly, while those rooms are on the water, I would prefer for those rooms to be used as a last resort since they are just so small (why Mark thought it was a good idea to put us in this room over others, I will never know, and we wound up switching into a bigger room next door when that person didn’t check in).  But it will be up to our guests to decide if they would rather a little cabin in the woods or a tiny room on the water if they are booking late in the game!  Most of the rooms we saw were quaint, rustic, and a good size.  The bathrooms were a bit old, with sinks that had separate faucets for hot and cold and some older fixtures. But nothing was in disrepair nor dirty, so we were perfectly satisfied with the lodging options, and we think our guests will be too. Just in case someone prefers something more “new,” we will provide other options for our guests, but hopefully most of them stay on the site with us. The site is awfully lovely afterall!

On Sunday morning, before the tasting, we were sitting on a rock on the water listening to the waves crash in.  I was torn if Linekin was the right place, but as we sat there and saw the beautiful view, and appreciated being right on the water, it became clear… so long as the food was good, this was the place.

So how was the food?

Really great!  We will probably make some adjustments in the menu, but the split lobsters (where all the meat from half a lobster is put back into an empty shell with the tail) turned out to be very delicious. I was concerned that not having the traditional lobster bake would take away from the Maine-y theme, but this was great.

So there you have it! On June 15th, 2013, Mike and I will be getting married at the Linekin Bay Resort.


7 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. Have you found your photographer yet? We are within 40 minutes of the Boothbay Harbor region and know the area and venue quite well. Love your little blog (btw). Sharing the link with a DC bride who is searching for a coastal venue for her September 2013 wedding.

    • A Maine suggestion: The Cape Neddick Lobster Pound hosts beautiful Receptions and rehearsal dinners in the York area. Located on harbor with great views of tidal river.

  2. Hello! Hope you are excited for your upcoming wedding. We just looked at Linekin Bay the other day and it is on top of our list for potential venues. Looking forward to hearing about your day! Best of luck

  3. i love this- so helpful!! I have a similar background, recently got engaged, and have been looking around the same areas for a 2014 spring/summer wedding. we have been looking a lot at spruce point inn but are really concerned about cost, and bradley inn seems too small to fit our group of about 150. i really appreciate everything you put on here and i’m sure i’m not alone- best wishes for a wonderful wedding, and i hope the past few months have been relatively stress free in planning at linekin!

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