Venue Search Continued: Whitehall Inn

In just 3.5 days, we saw 11 venues.  It was a whirlwind. But our last stop was one I was excited about.  We were going to visit and have dinner at The Whitehall Inn.

The Whitehall Inn is a classic, beautiful inn that has been around since 1901.  Many famous people have stayed there, and they have notoriety for being the very place where the Pulitizer Prize-winning poet Edna St. Vincent Millay was discovered (on August 29, 1912, almost 100 years to the day before we were there).  I had admired the inn from the street upon passing many times, and the photos of the inside just felt so antique and New England.  When there, it was even more so.  The rocking chairs on the porch, the flowers, the waterfall, the rooms filled with too many conflicting fabric patterns (that somehow all worked).  It was just beautiful.

And we had a really great meal there (more on that on NYCNomNom).  So the food was certainly up to our standards.

But the party room felt a bit to small (we would have to remove tables to use the dance floor) and the bar room could barely fit more than a handful of people.  It was also missing the view.  I was hoping you could peak at the harbor from the porch or something, but, alas, it wasn’t so.

I feel The Whitehall Inn tugging at my heart a bit.  I really loved it there and if we got married in the area, I would certainly consider it as both a lodging option and an option for the Welcome dinner.


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