Venue Search Continued: The 1812 Farm in Bristol, ME

When we first got engaged, I was toying with the idea of getting married in Maine.  Maine was a place I loved growing up and easily convinced Mike to love so much that he chose to propose there.  It was beautiful, romantic, and a place I always wanted to show my loved ones.  It wasn’t practical, but oh did I love the idea of it. And then, on an innocent (ha!) Pinterest browsing day, I found this pin.

And that is when everything changed.

I loved everything about this wedding.  The colors, the shoes, the lobsters, the photos, the jam.  It was everything I wanted in a blog post. (And I will still be borrowing some ideas from it for the wedding).  So when I saw that their venue was The 1812 Farm, which happened to be on Pemaquid Peninsula (near the place we got engaged), I knew I had to add it to the venue search.

When we walked up, we saw a beautiful barn.  The inside has those beautiful open ceilings with exposed beams in contrasting color to the white walls.  Beautiful.

But that was really all it was. A barn.

Out back there was a large area, but it would require a tent, and sadly, it had no view.

There was just no wow factor except for the barn itself.  While I could definitely see ourselves having a lovely time in that barn, I just didn’t feel like our guests would get a true Maine experience at this venue.  It would be cool to get married AT the Lighthouse where we got engaged, and then come to the 1812 Farm for the reception, but that would require bussing people around and it just didn’t seem smooth.

So… the search continued.


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