Venue Search Continued: Dockside in York, ME

We drove down to the lovely town of York, ME and our first stop of the day was at Dockside Hotel and Restaurant. I find it odd that they call it a hotel, as it is really a beautiful and charming inn (see pictures below).

The restaurant itself was quite nice, looking out over the water with some boats in the harbor.  The setup would be a bit of a tight squeeze for 150, but they said they could make it happen by having some tables on the dance floor and them moving them out of the way when it was time to dance. I didn’t love this idea, but it was doable.

The ceremony site is behind the inn (where there two very nice adirondack chairs in the pictures below) and the bride can come out of the inn to walk down the aisle.

The inn itself was very lovely and really charmed me as a great place to have some of the family stay.  it can house about 12 people and then there are other lodging buildings on the property for other guests (though not all 150 could fit).

We left thinking “yeah… we could totally get married there” but that feeling sort of waned as we saw the other venues. I’m not totally sure why. It was quite lovely, but I guess it didn’t have that “wow!” factor we were hoping for. And the tight squeeze made it a little less than ideal.

I would say if we were having about 100 people, this place would have been higher on the list.


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