Venue Search Continued: The Contented Sole

I did a LOT of research before our Venue Tour.  I created a Google Doc and methodically collected information and narrowed down the places we would visit.  But some things slipped through the cracks… including the fact that I thought The Contented Sole was right next to the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse (where we got engaged).

It was, in fact, nearly 15 minutes away and didn’t even have a view of it.


But even if it did, I’m not sure we would have even considered it.  I have 0 idea how they think they can fit 150 people.  In the pictures below, you can see the one and only room where they seat people.  The seating in that area when we visited was set up for less than 50 and there wasn’t a lot of room for much more. So triple that? I don’t think so!  The bar area had tables set up, but those would have needed to be removed to use the dance floor. Plus, upon entering, I was immediately alarmed by how dirty the carpets were (see photo). I tried to look past it, and really liked the fun bar area and outdoor dock, but all things considered, it wasn’t the place for us.

Though we did very much enjoy our lobster bake on the water and agreed that it would be a good place for a birthday party or something of that sort.

Just definitely not a wedding, especially our wedding.


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