Venue Search Continued: Foster’s Downeast Clambake in York, ME

When I was looking for a caterer to do a clambake (a steamed lobster dinner that starts with steamed clams and usually includes potatoes and corn along with the steamed lobster), I came across Foster’s Downeast Clambake as a highly regarded caterer. I also noticed that they had a physical restaurant space that could hold a good deal of people.

We went to visit Foster’s on our venue tour, both to try the food and to see the space as a venue.  We quickly had to rule it out as a venue since it didn’t have any views (it’s kind of in the middle of town), but we sat down with the owner, Kevin, and had a lovely talk. He actually is the one that told us about View Point Hotel, and his daughter had been  married at View Point just 6 weeks prior.

Kevin even treated us to a clambake dinner to try their stuff.  I forgot to take a picture of their clam chowder (which was sensational) and their blueberry cake (which we couldn’t get enough of).  The bake itself was decent, but the lobster and clams were both a little on the small side and didn’t quite hold up to some of the other bakes we’ve had.  Kevin, however, was so nice and the company so well managed that I would probably use them as a caterer without hesitation if we were in a spot that needed a 3rd party caterer.  And the chowder and cake alone would be worth it.

This space would be GREAT, however, for a corporate event, family reunion, birthday party, etc.


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