Update on the Venue Finalists

Here is an update on the 4 Venue Finalists.

After a lot of debate, research, and soul searching, we decided that Linekin was really where are hearts were leaning.  The fun vibe and the fact that everyone gets to be on the property with us, and it’s all ours, tipped the scales for us.  And we just had a good feeling about it.  But we had 2 concerns: The accommodations and the food.

We know the place is pretty old and currently being fixed up.  We know it is going to be rustic.  That is kind of what we liked about it.  But would it be too rustic? We saw a few really nice rooms, but we didn’t get to see all of them.  Some of the reviews online are downright scary… but people can be super judgmental about that stuff.  A “resort” in Maine is not the resort most people are expecting.  So perhaps people are just being too uppity about it.  It’s hard to tell.

And the food.  Food is obviously VERY important to us (Heck! we write a Food Blog!)  Reviews of the food online are good, but we didn’t get a chance to try anything on our visit.  Would it be presented well? Taste good?  We’re starting to lean a bit away from doing the full lobster bake and instead doing a split lobster tail (less messy) and a pig roast, among other fun things.

So what to do?

Go back up of course!

We will be going up on the 21st and heading to Boothbay on the 22nd.  Mark (the organizer at Linekin) is nice enough to put us up for the night and then do a tasting on Sunday.  There is also a wedding that weekend, so we’ll be able to see how it’s set up (and do our best to lay low so the wedding doesn’t spy us).  We will also be stopping in Portland to try some fun desserts. What desserts you ask? Well there have to be SOME surprises!

As for the other venues, after pricing out all the rentals that would need to go along with View Point, we realized that it would put us pretty far over our budget.  We may be able to squeeze some out here and there, but we would be pretty tied to price and it would limit our options.  They also really needed an answer if we wanted to put a deposit on the only date left in June because they were getting inquiries and we weren’t quite ready to make the final decision. It’s a shame because it’s the most convenient location, and that lighthouse view is amazing.

Ducktrap is kind of tabled for now.  We’ll definitely revisit if Linekin doesn’t work out.

And I’m still awaiting a final pricing quote from Point Lookout.  The coordinator has been very busy with lots of weddings, and since we’re in no rush (due to the tasting in 2 weeks at Linekin), the wait isn’t a problem.  I’m not entirely convinced they can come in budget, but we’ll see how creative they can be! Especially because we’re considering a May 4th wedding if we go there (only Saturday left), which I think would be the first wedding weekend of the season.

More updates to come!

For now, please enjoy the photo gallery from our most recent trip so you can get a feeling for why we love Maine so much.


One thought on “Update on the Venue Finalists

  1. I really can’t wait to hear your feed back on Linekin Bay Resort. We too are looking at Linekin for a “Destination Maine” wedding, so it will be neat to hear what you think of it prior to us going there! I’m excited to find a time to get up there and see it myself, but you’ve done a good job of preparing me!

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