The Space That Could Have Been: Frontier in Brunswick, ME

Frontier is an art/gallery/dining/bar/movie screening/music space in Brunswick, ME.  I first read about them in one of my favorite blogs for Maine wedding research, Love and Lobster.  The space is quirky and fun and has a chef who is focused on Farm to Table dining.  We met him, and he was incredibly enthusiastic about food and I knew I had found a kindred spirit.  Frontier has a few cool spaces, such as a corner that has couches, but could probably hold a band, a screening room/movie theater space (where we could do dessert), and even sits next to a very beautiful open room that is currently being used for a neat art installation.

Frontier would have been perfect if we lived in Maine, or if it were in the NYC area.  But there was one main thing we couldn’t get past… it wasn’t quintessentially Maine.  If we were having our guests schlep all the way up to Maine, we want them to have a full-on Maine experience.  While the view out of the restaurant was pretty cool (a dam and  a bridge), there was a pretty ugly barbed wire fence around the parking lot that spoiled the view a bit, and it wasn’t really very Maine.

But if you are looking for a quirky place that focuses on quality of food with a really cool vibe, I highly recommend checking out Frontier.



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