Runner Up: Clark’s Cove Farm and Inn

While we found four GREAT venues, we also saw 7 other venues on our trip, most of which would have been GREAT to get married in.  The one that I keep find my mind drifting back to (when I’m not thinking of the 4 finalists that is) is Clark’s Cove Farm & Inn.

Clark’s Cove is a privately owned farm property.  The owner, Tim, met us for a tour and I immediately realized that this is what my father would have been had he been an eccentric millionaire.  My father is certainly eccentric, but sadly, not a millionaire.  So he never stayed at a farm and decided the next day he would buy it. Which is exactly what Tim did.

The farm overlooks a (working) orchard and a cove.  It also has a pond on the property.  The view is fantastic and super cozy.  The barn itself can sit a tight 120 people, so we would need to rent a tent to be at Clark’s Cove. And the tent sits pretty far from the barn (which is where the dancing would be).  In here lies the problem. We LOVED this property, but I just couldn’t picture 150 people there. It seemed like the space would be difficult to work with, and I immediately found myself wishing we could get away with a <100 person wedding.

But alas, that is not in the cards.

The space is very affordable, and you get the two suites (for bride/groom/family) for the weekend. There is also a carriage house on the property where more people can stay (though not everyone).  You have to bring EVERYTHING on site, which could be a lot, but also allows you a lot of freedom to make the wedding yours.

After our tour, Tim let us out on our own where we walked out to the cove and sat on the dock. It was quite magical.

Too bad it just seems too small.

And while I LOVED the view, it wasn’t the lighthouse/ocean view/rocky beach of Maine that I think makes Maine unique.  So, sadly, Clark’s Cove didn’t make the cut.  But it was only by a narrow margin.


4 thoughts on “Runner Up: Clark’s Cove Farm and Inn

  1. Hey there, I’ve tried to contact Clark’s Cove on their site form and via their email but neither are working! Do you remember general pricing at all? Your blog has been INCREDIBLY helpful (Maine gal planning a wedding from abroad!!) Cheers! x

    • Happy to help! I sent a few requests online but none of them worked. Eventually, I tracked down the owner, Tim Cheney’s, number: (207) 563.8704.
      And home phone #: 207-563-3590
      They can fit 80-85 inside the barn, 125 under canopy outside, >125 must tent on terrace/lawn. You can only tent July-Sept because it damages the land when it’s too wet. The property carries a $4K rental price, $3K for before 7/1 and after October. You would have to bring in an outside caterer and rent the tables/chairs etc.
      If you have ANY questions at all, please feel free to reach out! I’m also going to send all of this over in an email.
      All the best,

  2. … so just a follow up for anyone really contemplating a stay at the Inn for a wedding. The venue is lovely, no doubt. Depending on the size of the wedding, it can work well. The barn is a good space, the grounds spacious and managed well, the decks are suitable for a bar and food, etc.

    The problem is the owner, who seems to have little understanding of how to interact with people. He is difficult to contact, as noted above. While the need to maintain control over drinking (and driving), noise, etc. is totally understandable, the owner sees his role as a camp nazi more than a host.

    Anyone not staying at the Inn should expect to be shooed out when the witching hour arrives (11 PM). Anyone staying should expect to be rudely evicted the morning of their departure.

    Most guests won’t have to encounter the owner’s lack of civility, but for those who do, it is a unfortunate and unnecessary blot on otherwise nice memories.

    It is also worth noting that the two rooms in the Inn are nice and reasonably appointed, but the shower is rather small, rooms are poorly lit, and the kitchen is not really well equipped if one intends to actually use it for cooking.

    On the whole, if one can overlook the owner, whom many locals avoid, it is a decent enough venue for a small to modest wedding. Before choosing it, however, I would strongly recommend a careful review and comparison with other options.

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