Venue Finalist #4: Point Lookout- Lincolnville, ME

On the last day of our venue tour, we made a stop at Point Lookout in Northport, ME. It is very close to Ducktrap Retreat and it kept coming up as a “wow” kind of place.  I had been emailing with their coordinator, Lisa, for a bit and one thing that really sold me on the visit was that she was so responsive and really showed a desire to work with me.  Point Lookout is at the very tippy top of our budget, and may not even be feasible (we still need to work out the specifics), but we decided to stop and take a peak.

I was kinda hoping I would hate it.

But, come on… LOOK AT THIS VIEW!

When you have a wedding at Point Lookout, guests can rent out some of the cabins and they actually have accommodations for much more than our wedding guests would need.  The cabins are in the woods and absolutely adorable.  (See pictures below with screened in porches, old stoves, and that cabin charm.) They only hold one wedding per day, but can do multiple weddings in a weekend.  This means that the full grounds aren’t private like the other 3 locations, but at least the wedding itself is pretty private.

Point Lookout has 4 different wedding locations:

The Park is right on the water (see the picture with the swing sets in the gallery below).

Erickson Hall is more of a banquet hall, but it has a beautiful entrance way with antique bars.

Right next to Erickson is the Pavilion, which is a beautiful open-air space with a bit of view of the water.

And then there is The Summit.  The Summit has some of the best views I’ve ever seen. Usually it would take a long hike to get to the top of a mountain to see a view like this, but here, a rounded wall on the wedding hall looks out across the entire Penobscot Bay. You can see all the little islands and even Acadia National Park (with Cadillac Mountain) in the background.  The view is absolutely incredible and blew everything else we saw out of the water.

Point Lookout also has a lot of fun activities, and you can rent out their bowling alley (with arcade, games, and a jukebox) for a rehearsal dinner or after-party.  Very cool.

There are a lot of great highlights about Point Lookout, though it’s not quite the relaxed and casual vibe of the other 3, and it wouldn’t be entirely private.  But damn that view.


Venue Rental: There is a cost for each space, with The Summit being the most expensive. Due to it being slow season, however, the coordinator can hopefully get a reduction on the price to bring it to within our budget.  Would leave us less room for food and beverages, but we’re hoping it would work out.

Lodging: Rooms are about $130 (for a 1 bedroom) to $380 (for a 3 bedroom cottage) and are scattered all around the property. And it is a BIG property. We would need to rent shuttles to bus people around from their cabins to the venue(s).

Food: Food packages sound scrumptious, and while we didn’t try it, I have a feeling this would have the best “gourmet food” potential.

Rentals: NONE!


  • Lodging: The cabins are BEEEAUTIFUL
  • Activities: There is a ton to do on the property
  • Indoor options: The Summit’s room has the same view as outside, so you don’t lose much if you need to be indoors.
  • Coordinator: Lisa seems terrific and would do a whole lot for me, so more hands off (which is good and bad), but easier on me from far away
  • Did I mention THE VIEW?


  • Large grounds: Cabins would be spread out and would need to bus to the wedding location.
  • Dates available: Only Saturday left is May 4th. May can be cold and wet in Maine, especially that early in May. Though it’s always a crapshoot if you wind up with good weather, this makes it especially risky. (Though their indoor options for us are very good, and you wouldn’t lose the view, which is key)
  • Prices: We’re still not sure if we can get this to within the budget
  • More formal: Even if we did the more casual version of this place, just by nature it lends itself to a more formal atmosphere
  • Distance: Same as Ducktrap… An hour and 45 minutes from the Portland airport and a little over 8 hours from the hometown of Berkeley Heights, NJ

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