Venue Finalist #2: Linekin Bay Resort- Boothbay Harbor, ME

The third day of our venue search was our craziest. We saw 3 different venues on the Pemaquid Peninsula and then backtracked a bit to see a last minute addition, Linekin Bay Resort.  I had originally discounted Linekin because the reviews were lackluster. A lot of complaints about it being rundown. But I noticed that in the last few years, the manager had been commenting on reviews about the improvements and so many people raved about the view that we threw it back on the list.

It doesn’t have a lighthouse, but it sure looks like Maine.

We drove down a whole bunch of twisting, winding streets, where my cell phone lost signal about a hundred times, but we finally found Linekin.  We were told it would feel like “summer camp” or “Dirty Dancing,” and upon first pulling into the parking lot and seeing a whole bunch of little cabins in the woods, Mike and I both thought it might be too rustic.

But then we took the tour:

While yes, it feels a bit like summer camp, it felt like that in all the right ways. It just looks downright fun. Lots of activities, including boating, tennis, and fishing.  And it has a heated pool overlooking the water.  It has a very casual atmosphere and after the wedding, we can bring down some beers and an iPod and just sit by the pool or hang out in the lodge.


Venue Rental: There is no real venue fee, but really a fee per person for food and drink that covers the venue.

Lodging: All cabins are a very affordable $139/night. They have room for EVERYONE to stay on site with us (though no one has to) and we’ll have access to all parts of the site. This price also includes breakfast each morning, which means we don’t need to do a morning-after breakfast. (Though we can add to it to make it a bit more special if we want). And Mike and I get our stay for free!

Food: Food is part of the package, but they are very flexible on the menu and are happy to customize. This is a big variable, however,  because we didn’t get a chance to try any of it. We are considering going back up for a weekend in September for a tasting.

Rentals: NONE!


  • Casual Vibe: This place looks like it could be great for people to just come, relax, and have a good time
  • Everyone Together: Everyone can stay on the property. All 150 of ’em!
  • Free Reign: We can do whatever we want after the wedding
  • Privacy: The entire grounds are ours for the weekend
  • Open Date: They still have June 15th open, which is a very desirable date that is more expensive in other places
  • Close to Town: Boothbay is less than 5 minutes away. They have a very cute downtown, and great whale watching options.
  • Bay Views: Perty


  • Rustic: Maybe too much so? We didn’t get to see every single cabin, so there is a chance some may not be as nice. That said, they recently replaced all the beds and it is going through a constant face lift.
  • Phone Service: Not a big deal really, but there is NO service down there. If anyone gets lost or needs to get a hold of us, we’re pretty much SOL. (Though maybe this is a blessing in disguise?)
  • Main Hall: While it’s very nice, it still somewhat resembles a camp dining hall.
  • Distance: Boothbay is about an hour and 15 minutes past the Portland, ME airport and about 7.5 hours from my hometown of Berkeley Heights, NJ.  We knew it would be a schlep for our guests, but this is more of a schlep than York would be.

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