Venue Finalist #1: ViewPoint- York, ME

Even after a whole lot of research, there were a lot of places that weren’t on my radar.

We went to Foster’s Clambake (more on that later) and the owner asked us if we had a venue.  We told him we were up there to explore exactly that, and he said that his daughter had just gotten married 6 weeks prior at a brand new wedding venue (her wedding was, in fact, their very first one) just 15 minutes away.  He called them up and made us an appointment for just a bit later. We ate our (very nicely comped) lobster bake lunch and scurried over to ViewPoint.

ViewPoint is in York Beach and has an incredible view of the Nubble Lighthouse. Stunning.

The deal with ViewPoint is that you rent out the full property for the weekend.  The venue charge is on the lower side, but you need to bring EVERYTHING in.  It’s a lot, and that can add up quickly.  From our rough estimates, this could still be in budget. (Specifics  below)

But damn those views.

Here are some pictures of our tour:


Venue Rental: $1,500 for May or $3,500 for June

Lodging: Guests have to rent all 9 suites, which are in 1, 2, and 3-bedroom varieties and all look out on the water.  Suites run $250 to $425 per night, which is much steeper than we wanted for our guests.

Food: Would need to bring in a caterer. Would most likely do a Foster’s Lobsterbake, a Pig Roast, and some other goodies. We would also do some fun touches like a gelato cart and s’mores by the fire pit.

Rentals: Everything would need to be rented. Tent, tables, dance floor, plates, flatware, linens, caterer, booze, etc.


  • THE VIEW!  That quintessential Maine lighthouse is hard to turn down.
  • Location: York is 1.5 hours from Logan Airport in Boston, 1 hour from the Portland, Maine airport, and under 6 hours from my hometown, Berkeley Heights, NJ. This makes it the most easily accessible venue by far.
  • York: York is a very cute town with lots to do including beaches, arcades, shopping, and a zoo. Lots for our guests to do.
  • Flexibility: We can bring in any vendors we want.


  • Weather: While we would be in a tent, if it’s very rainy, it’s still grass under foot. A lot of what makes this venue desirable is the little tucked away spots, like the ledge to relax on, the fire pit for s’mores, the little trails down towards the water. That would be lost in bad weather.
  • DIY:  Totally, 100% on us. For everything.
  • Lodging prices
  • Lodging options: Only about 30 people can stay on the premises. The rest would need to be bused.

4 thoughts on “Venue Finalist #1: ViewPoint- York, ME

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  3. Was really interested in this for wedding, but the cost for the rooms are unbelievable! Upsetting to be exact! I really love the view and so close for travelers. A five star hotel doesn’t cost that much for rooms! Heard this place was beautiful and when I googled it I was so excited! Until the room cost, hope someday you will consider lower prices so people will go there!

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